Builder in Oxford – How do you choose

By admin • August 29th, 2009

Builder in Oxford -making a decision

It can be a difficult decision identifying and choosing a reputable builder in oxford. There are a lot of company’s to choose from and it’s hard to get an accurate picture of who will be reliable and who wont.

You’ll often ask someone you trust if they know someone they can recommend that’s often a good starting point.

When you are out and about look for builders signs to see who is doing work, and keep an eye on them, do the men look efficient is the site tidy. How long is the job lasting is there someone there every day etc.

You’ll only really know if you’ve found a gem when you speak to the builder on the phone to get him to come around and give a quotation for your project.


If you’ve got any questions about finding a professional builder in Oxford then make a comment below or give us a call.










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